Our Mission

The purpose of the e-book Dangerous by Default is philanthropic. It exists with the singular goal of paying it forward. Its mission is to create awareness and promote reason. For those so inclined, it will generate revenue for both my son’s and other children’s medical and legal expenses. Even more important to generate a revenue stream for children and their families who are both unfortunate enough to need but lucky enough to have, the care of the Baltimore Johns Hopkins Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

It is our hope by sharing our experience, hospitalized children and their families will have an additional resource of comfort. Possibly some readers will gain greater insight and perspective, not only on the issue of dangerous pets but to any activity that could put themselves or others in harms way. We believe the variable that is human perception contrasted against the constant of reality, yields the fate one experiences as life. To not understand this trinity ensures that unintended consequences happen more frequently then caring would allow. It is understood that some will agree and others will disagree with our conclusions. However It is not our intention to have our opinions cut the thread that inspires unity. Rather it is our goal that our philanthropic message is greater then anything our contributions and opinions can do to diminish it.