Dangerous By Default: Extreme Breeds

The E-book, Dangerous by Default, is the true life chronicle of a savage Pit Bull attack on two Towson Maryland children, in April 2007. The first victim, nine year old Scotty Mason, was mauled in the face and shoulders, then threatened by the dog owner not to tell. The second child, ten year old Dominic Solesky, accompanied by two playmates, attempted to rescue young Scotty. The dog chased the three, caught, attacked and mauled ten year old Dominic, inflicting severe wounds. The most extreme injury, was a life threatening two inch tear to his femoral artery. Dominic, also abandoned by the dog owner, half conscious, bleeding profusely and surrounded by pools of blood, attempted to crawl home. He was discovered in the alley by neighbors responding to his screams and those summoned by his playmates.

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The story of pit bull mauling victim Dominic Solesky

This website is dedicated with eternal gratitude to our support network of family and friends, the heroic neighbors of Towson Manor Village whose quick actions started the life saving process, Baltimore County First responders, Police, Firefighters and Medics of station 11, the Doctors, Nurses and staff at Johns Hopkins Pediatric and Sports Physical Therapy of Towson.